LLC Academy of Public-Private Partnership was registered on October 8, 2014.

The Academy has partnership relations with many well-known Ukrainian and foreign companies and educational institutions, actively cooperates with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), in particular with International Center of Excellence on PPP of UNECE. The Academy is a partner of Global Infrastructure Hub, Ukrainian PPP Development Support Center, City Development Fund, Territory Development Agency (city of Kropivnitskyi) and other insitutions.



  1. Preparation and conduction of trainings and seminars on issues of state management, infrastructure development, PPP, development of territories, increasing of efficiency of business for citizens of Ukraine and other countries.
  2. Increasing of institutional capacity of the representatives of public authority, private business, institutes of civil society, on issues of formation and implementation of PPP projects.
  3. Analysis and dissemination of the best international practices of efficient management of territories, companies, implementation of socially important projects based on partnership of public authorities, private business and civil society.
  4. Applying own methodology for preparation and implementation of sustainable development strategies of cities and territories taking into account the UN Global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  5. Performance of scientific research on urgent issues of economy, finance, territorial development, legal regulation and management.
  6. Provision of services on development and support of projects implemented based on PPP, protection of interests of the parties of such partnership.
  7. Generalization and dissemination in Ukraine of international experience of implementation of PPP projects, assistance to formation of responsible attitude of business and territorial communities to observance of strategic interests of the society and the state.
  8. Development of draft laws and other normative-legal acts, programs and projects in field of PPP, territorial development, budget regulation, innovation and investment projects.
  9. Scientific expertise of draft laws and other normative-legal acts, programs and projects for the efficiency of PPP mechanisms envisaged by them.
  10. Organization and conduction of forums, conferences and exhibitions.




The team of the Academy consists of qualified specialists that have fundamental knowledge in different fields of law and finance, public-private partnership and large experience of practice of practical, scientific and educational activity.

The Founder of the Academy I. Zapatrina is a member of UNECE Group of specialists on PPP, a consultant of the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on PPP issues.

Iryna Zapatrina, professor, doctor of economics, Founder of the Academy of PPP, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian PPP Development Support Center

Iryna Zapatrina is Member of Work Group on PPP of UNICE, consultant of the World Bank and the EBRD on PPP issues, co-author of Model PPP Law for CIS countries, lecturer and co-author of manuals on PPP in many countries of the world, correspondent from Ukraine of EPPPL (European Procurement and Public Private Partnership) magazine.

Irina has large experience in preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects with participation of international financial organizations worked as a deputy Minister of housing and communal services (2007-2010), deputy director of Scientific-research financial institute under the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (2005-2007).

She has 130 scientific and analytical publications in Ukraine and abroad, including personal monographs: Budget mechanism of economic growth (2007 / Kiev (Ukraine) – 528 pages); Housing and communal infrastructure: reforms and system of their financial support (2010/ Kiev (Ukraine) – 336 pages); Potential of public-private partnership in emerging economies (2011 / Kiev (Ukraine) – 152 pages); Public-private partnership: potencial for emerging economies (2013/ Lambert Academic Publishing – Saarbrucken – 197 pages); Perspectives of development of heat supply system in Ukraine (2013/Moscow – 200 pages)


1. Перспективы развития систем теплоснабжения в Украине

2. Публично-частное партнерство для целей устойчивого развития

3. Harmonisation of public-private partnership legislation: regional and international context of the Model Law on Public-Private Partnerships for the CIS Countries

4. Sustainable Development Goals for Developing Economies and Public-Private Partnership

5. Country Report

6. State Support under PPP

7. ДЕРЖАВНО-ПРИВАТНЕ ПАРТНЕРСТВО як механізм підвищення енергоефективності будівель бюджетних установ і організацій комунальної форми власності

8. Unsolicited Proposals for PPPs in Developing Economies

9. Инвентаризация страны


Anna Shatkovska, Ph.D. in Economics, President of the Academy of PPP

Economist-cybernetics by education, Anna is an expert on macroeconomic modeling, forecasting, public procurement, assessment of financial and economic activity of enterprises, has a good knowledge of mathematical methods and their use in the economic sphere.

From 2001 to 2005 she was a post-graduate student in the Research Financial Institute under the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (specialty: international finance and debt policy). Her Ph.D. thesis topic was “Relations between Ukraine and International Financial Institutions”.

Anna worked as an economist Economist of Project Implementation Unit of Kyiv District Heating Improvement Project (financed by the IBRD) in JSC Kyivenergo, and the director of the Institute for Socio-Economic Strategies.

Anna has an extensive experience in financial and economic research, project management, public-private partnership, participated in research activities on financial policy formation for the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, housing policy and policy in field of communal services, energy saving and energy efficiency policy for the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.

Participated in many international projects, including projects of IBRD (Institutional capacity and operational Effectiveness Analysis of the Public Finance Management,  Organizations, Reform of public sector accounting according to International Public Sector Accounting Standards), EBRD (“Ukraine: Development of Modern Concessions Legal and Policy Framework”) and USAID (Municipal Heating Reform Project, Municipal Energy Reform Project). Expert in procurement procedures of IBRD and EBRD.

Anna has a fluent English and a good knowledge of German and French.

She is an author of publications in Ukrainian and international editions.


Oksana Kyshko-Yerli, PhD in juridical sciences, vice-President of the Academy of PPP

In 1999 graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University as a Master of Law.

Worked as the chief specialist of the legal department of the National Agency of Ukraine for the management of state corporate rights, legal adviser of JSC Kyivenergo and director of the corporate law and property department of the law firm “JurEnergoConsulting”.

From 2006 to 2010 she was a post-graduate student of Koretsky Institute of State and Law under National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Her Ph.D. thesis topic was “Legal regulation of the use of renewable energy sources”.

After post-graduate study Kishko-Yerly O. continued her scientific work at the Institute, working as a junior researcher in the Department of problems of agrarian, land and environmental law, and after its reorganization, as a research assistant in the Department of Space and Environmental Law.

Kishko-Yerly O. has considerable practical experience in preparing successful proposals for the implementation of public-private partnership and support of relevant infrastructure projects in various sectors of the economy, acting as an expert on the application of Ukrainian and EU legislation in the field of public-private partnership. The sphere of her professional interests also includes the provision of legal opinions and consultations in the field of private international law, civil and commercial law, energy and housing and communal legislation, and so on.

Kishko-Yerly O. actively participates in drafting legislation and expert work. At various times, she worked on draft laws such as “On Concessions”, “On the Natural Gas Market”, “On Energy Efficiency”, “On Regulation of Issues Related to Nuclear Safety” etct.

Participated as an expert on legal issues in many international TACIS projects (for example, “Institutional Support to Energoatom”, “Reform of the Operation System of Gas Transit in Ukraine”, “Support to Ukraine’s Development of its Strategy for Security of Oil Supply”) and USAID (for example, “Ukraine’s Shale Gas”, “Consulting Support to the Government of Ukraine on Production Sharing Agreements”).

Kishko-Yerli O. is the author of more than 20 scientific and analytical publications.



Oksana Panchenko, Ph.D. in Economics, expert of the Academy of PPP

Expert on financial issues, foreign economic activity and public-private partnership.

She has many years of experience of scientific and practical activities in the field of economy and finance, housing and communal services and energy efficiency.

Participated in international projects and in the preparation of feasibility studies for PPP projects, sustainable development strategies.

In 2001, she graduated from the International Management Institute and received the qualification of Master of Business Administration.

From 2008 to 2012 she was a post-graduate student of the Research Financial Institute under the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. In 2014 he defended her thesis on “Efficiency of budgetary expenditures in the system of state regulation” and received a PhD degree in specialty “Money, Finance and Credit”.

Recently participated as an expert on financial and economic issues in the international projects of GIZ “Advising on Energy Efficiency Companies” and USAID “Municipal Energy Reform Project”.

Panchenko O. is the author of 11 analytical and scientific publications.


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